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We’re a team of therapists in Charlotte, NC helping young (and young-ish) professionals navigate life's ups and downs with purpose.

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You’ve checked all the boxes of what it means to be a responsible adult. Graduated college. Carved out a successful career for yourself. Maybe even tied the knot.

But there’s still so much that feels uncertain. Am I enough? Is it okay to be me? What keeps me from feeling loved and wanted? And where am I going in life?

If you're tired of dealing with...

  • Self-doubt and insecurity
  • Struggling to fit in
  • Superficial relationships 
  • A dissatisfying love life
  • Feeling lost and directionless

We'll Help You...

  • Build confidence and self-worth
  • Feel more authentic, safe, and secure
  • Connect meaningfully with friends and family
  • Form intimate, loving relationships
  •          Move forward in life with a sense of purpose

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Perhaps it’s a situational nervousness that’s started to surface around friends and colleagues. Or maybe you’re feeling fearful and on edge almost all the time. In anxiety therapy, we utilize a range of evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help you get to the bottom of your anxiety and cultivate more positive thought patterns.

You’re withdrawing from friends and family, and you can’t seem to kick that empty feeling inside. In depression therapy, we draw on modalities such as Interpersonal Therapy and Narrative Therapy to help you dig into what’s underneath your depression and learn to manage the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that feed it.

Maybe it's a loss that feels too scary and suffocating to confront. Maybe you don’t have the energy for active grieving. Or maybe you don’t have people in your life who truly “get” the grief you're feeling. In grief therapy, we'll help you honor your loss, process difficult emotions, and start to heal.

Quarter-life crisis therapy in Charlotte, NC

Sometimes even the smallest amount of stress is all it takes for that unsafe feeling to hijack your mind and body. As trauma-informed therapists, we utilize many of the most current and effective treatment approaches, like EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS), to help you reduce fear, restore trust in others, and develop coping skills.

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Whether you're seeking counseling because you’re stuck in a pattern of constant self-doubt, tired of surface-level relationships, or just need a safe place to talk about life, you're in the right place. Our team of Charlotte counselors is dedicated to helping you wrestle with questions that matter and enhance your way of being alive.

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