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Down-to-earth, focused on young professionals, and inclusive through and through, MEC is Charlotte’s go-to therapy practice for people craving deeper meaning in the modern world.

We’re a team of dynamic therapists on a mission to advance emotional wellness in the Charlotte community. Together, we’re dedicated to fostering a better world for all, one conversation at time.

We don’t take this work lightly. Our counselors are top-notch, highly skilled professionals who find commonality in dedicating ourselves to deepening our craft daily. Growth-minded, interpersonal clinicians that we are, we thrive in close-knit community and care deeply about one another as people. We’re a mix of introverts and extroverts, but we all share a deeply held desire to engage in honest and meaningful dialogue. Supporting and pushing one another toward becoming better therapists and all-around human beings further enhances the meaning we derive from this work.  

But don’t get us wrong;
we’re more than just therapy nerds.

We’re also DIYers, runners, fiction junkies, amateur musicians, gamers, coffee aficionados, and outdoor enthusiasts. Put simply, we’re licensed therapists who favor authenticity & being down-to-earth, savvy clinicians who are supremely laid back and uniquely human. It’s not an easy combination to find in our profession, but it speaks to who we are – and what makes us different. As our profession continues to embrace reductive labels and formulaic therapies, we take a different tack: facilitating human growth and wellness through good-quality conversation and connecting with our clients as the unique human beings that they are. While we each approach our craft differently, we all work from a common humanistic foundation, meaning we don’t take a pathological view of human existence. In other words, we don’t see people as “sick” or “diseased,” or reduce them to some generic list of symptoms. Instead, we strive to normalize the emotional struggles and other challenges that come with being human in the modern world.

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Unique among other Charlotte counseling practices, MEC caters to the high-achieving young professional.

Life and work should be worthwhile and have meaning

We work with Charlotte’s banker, teacher, attorney, doctor, student, artist, contractor, techy, barista, consultant, engineer and general “I want more out of life”-er. As young professionals ourselves, we understand many of the unique challenges our clients are facing because we’re right there with them. We share their unwillingness to settle for the crap that every generation before them has, their refusal to stay in a meaningless job just to collect a paycheck, and their reluctance to settle for relationships that aren’t fulfilling. Above all else, we share their conviction that life and work should be worthwhile and have meaning.

Our clients usually turn to us when they’re wrestling with the developmental conflicts of adolescence and young adulthood.

(These are the questions from stages 5 and 6 in Erikson’s theory.) Where am I and where am I going? Is it okay to be me? Am I enough? How do I deal with loneliness and isolation? and What keeps me from feeling loved and wanted? As counselors, we help our people confront these questions and use them as catalysts for feeling more assured of themselves in the world, be it connecting with a stronger sense of self, feeling truly “enough,” or establishing loving and lasting relationships with others. This is the worthwhile and meaningful work that lights us up!

As counselors who champion human diversity and advocate for marginalized populations, we have a special interest in supporting our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ neighbors, as well as those at the margins of ethnicity, gender identity, religion/spirituality, and ability in our community. We don’t view ourselves as experts on diversity, mostly because we’re far too interested in discovering our client’s individual stories and experiences firsthand.

As a practice, we strive to overdeliver for our clients. “Wowing” our people isn’t about landing a stellar Google review; we do it out of mad respect for them being the strong, courageous, vulnerable, awe-inspiring badasses that they are.

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