A part of you is ready to make some changes to your substance use...

Problem is, there’s another part of you that fears the thought of perpetual boredom, loneliness, and of life without distractions.

Maybe you’ve been trying to make changes for a while now but going it alone just isn’t working.

Perhaps you’ve tried the AA/NA thing and decided that’s not your scene.

Or maybe you’re currently working the 12 Steps but looking to dig a little deeper.

Wherever you’re at in the change process—and however you define change—we’re here for you!   

“Changing Together” is a therapy group for adults interested in changing up their substance use

Whether you’re in long-term recovery, working on cutting back, or just starting to consider the possibility of change, you’ll find understanding and support here.

This group is for you if you’re…

  • Looking for an non-religious alternative to AA or NA
  • Finding that old behaviors are no longer working
  • Struggling to sustain the changes you make
  • Feeling alone in navigating change on your own
  • Having a tough time connecting apart from substances
  • Unsure or just curious about changing up your substance use

This group will help you...

  • Find support that’s non-judgmental and non-coercive
  • Learn more about your relationship with alcohol or other drugs
  • Explore the interaction of drug use and other relevant life issues
  • Set your own treatment goals
  • Build motivation and make decisions about change
  • Leverage the help of others to make change
  • Develop strategies to reduce negative consequences of drug use 

Group Details

When: Tuesdays from 6-7pm (rolling admission)

Where: 5200 Park Rd, Suite 200-C, Community Room (CMR-1)

Facilitator: Matt Smith, LPC, LCASA, NCC

Cost: $40 per meeting when paid monthly; $50 per meeting when paid bi-weekly


There are a lot of differences.

For starters, AA and NA are not therapy groups. They are peer-led support groups. Changing Together is therapeutic in nature. The group is facilitated by a professional therapist and provides a space for group members to identify and work through emotional and behavioral issues that may be contributing to their substance use.

Next, AA and NA follow the 12 Steps, a standardized approach to recovery followed by all who participate. In Changing Together, the path to self-change is not prescribed for you. Instead, members actively participate in their own treatment planning, including setting their own goals.

Additionally, unlike AA and NA that define recovery as abstinence from all substances, we follow the principles of harm reduction. This means we support all forms of change that reduce negative consequences associated with drug use, not just abstinence.    

And unlike AA and NA, Changing Together is not faith-based.

Changing Together is open to anyone who is interested in changing their substance use, regardless of what specific substances (licit or illicit) you’re currently using or have used in the past.

No. In this group, you are encouraged to start where you are, and abstinence is never a requirement. While some members may choose to work toward the goal of achieving or maintaining sobriety, others may choose to work toward the goal of moderation or safer habits associated with their drug use.

Changing Together is a confidential, judgment-free space for you to receive support and understanding from others who are wrestling with similar life concerns. During group meetings, we engage in guided conversation around issues pertaining to substance use, as well as relationships, emotional pain, work-related stress, and other relevant topics. As with other therapy or “process” groups, we also focus on the here-and-now, taking time to discuss what’s happening in the group itself. And we like to have fun and share some laughs along the way, too!         

Changing Together is an open-ended therapy group with no definite end date. Interested in joining us? Great, we’d love to have you! Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Clients at every stage of the change process are invited to participate. If you have a friend who is also struggling with issues of substance use or curious about possibly making changes to their own substance use, please have them complete a separate contact form and I will reach out to them separately.

Individual therapy is not a requirement for group participation. If you’re already attending individual therapy, Changing Together provides a space for you to build upon and further your individual work. The group is not designed to replace individual therapy.

I understand that life happens and that last-minute things come up from time to time. If you’re unable to attend a group meeting, I simply ask that you provide me with as much notice as possible. For the sake of group cohesion, I also ask that you make regular group attendance a priority. Chances are, once you meet the rest of the group and get a feel for how we do things, you won’t want to miss a meeting!   

Interested In Joining Us?

Great! Shoot me an email using the secure contact form below. I’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours to answer any questions you may have about the group.
Submitting this form does not automatically enroll you in the group.

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