Marriage counseling in Charlotte, NC

Couples Counseling
in Charlotte, NC

Relationships can fill our lives with meaning and purpose...

But when our relationships are strained, life can feel lonely and unfulfilling.

At Modern Era Counseling, we work with couples in every stage of togetherness or separation. Whether you’re dating or married, long-term or newly together, we can help you deepen and maintain your sense of connection.

When does couples counseling make sense?

Many people think that couples counseling is only for couples in crisis. But truth is, our clients seek our help with a wide range of concerns. Certainly, we do work with couples whose relationships are in turmoil. But many of the couples we see come seeking just to “tune up” their relationships or talk through important topics with the help and guidance of a marriage therapist.

If you and your partner are struggling due to:

  • The rut of just “co-existing”
  • Faulty communication patterns
  • Infidelity and betrayal
  • Incompatible sex drives
  • Parenting conflicts or family-related stress

In couples counseling, we’ll help you:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Enhance trust and vulnerability
  • Resolve roadblocks and conflicts
  • Clarify priorities and needs
  • Feel more satisfied and fulfilled

What can you expect from couples counseling at Modern Era?

At the outset of therapy, we listen closely to where you’re at as a couple. We want to hear what’s already working as well as what needs improving. We don’t “take sides” or play the “blame game,” because we start from the belief that you and your partner have each played a role in the challenges and concerns you’re bringing with you to couples therapy.

Next, we focus on helping you and your partner identify your respective needs and priorities, as well as any potential roadblocks, such as negative patterns of interaction or attachment insecurities, that may be getting in the way. We’ll also spend time identifying your communication styles and making any necessary changes to help you talk through and resolve conflict in a more productive manner.

Beyond helping you resolve the most current and pressing concerns in your relationship, it’s our goal to equip you with the necessary tools to navigate stress and conflict more productively moving forward—that is, outside of therapy.    

What makes couples counseling at Modern Era different?

A lot of counselors claim to work with couples, but only a small percentage receive any formal training in couples therapy. Marriage counseling is not the same as individual counseling, which is why doing effective work with couples requires a specialized skill set. 

At Modern Era, our therapists bring specialized training in marriage and family therapy, including the most current, evidenced-based treatment models such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).        

When it comes to relationships, the “small issues” can spiral out control in a hurry. If you’ve been wondering if couples or marriage counseling may be a good idea for your relationship—and if you’ve read this far, that’s likely you—we recommend being proactive.     

Are you ready to improve your relationship? Contact Modern Era Counseling today to schedule your first couples counseling session. We want to help you get unstuck and start connecting in more fulfilling ways.  

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