Do I Need Therapy? 8 Signs It’s Time To Seek A Therapist

Do I Need Therapy? 8 Signs It’s Time To Seek A Therapist

At some point in every person’s life, things get really tough. Many situations that come up in the course of daily living are difficult to handle, especially if you’ve never learned effective coping skills. Lots of people eventually get to the point where they feel like they can’t handle these situations on their own. That’s when therapy can save the day.

In the past, going to therapy was seen as something that was only for people struggling with mental illness. There was a lot of stigma against seeking professional help. Though that stigma has not completely disappeared, going to therapy is a lot more accepted today than it used to be, and a lot of misconceptions about going to therapy are being cleared up.

Therapy is a really useful resource for anyone who is having trouble coping with their life. Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re facing any serious issues, therapy can help you learn tools to deal with life as it comes. Really, therapy is for anyone who’s just looking to get a little support, and anyone should feel comfortable seeking a therapist if they feel they need that support.

If you’re going through something tough right now or you feel like you might need some more support, you might be asking yourself, “do I need therapy?” Though we can’t answer this question for you, there are some telltale signs that you should seek help. If any of these sound familiar, it’s probably time to reach out and get some help.

1. You’re Feeling So Overwhelmed You Can’t Get Anything Done

When you’re in a tough spot mentally and emotionally, it can feel like everything is piling up around you and that you’ll never be able to dig yourself out. Sometimes we’re able to handle this feeling of overwhelm by ourselves by using coping tools, like making lists or developing an action plan. But when it gets to the point that you feel so buried you just can’t do anything at all, it’s time to get some additional support. 

For some people, this feeling of overwhelm can become so intense that they start to experience extreme anxiety. If even the thought of starting on everything you have to do sends you into a panic, then it’s definitely time to seek help.

A good therapist can help you sort through everything you feel is piling up and they can help you create a plan of action. 

2. You’re Having Trouble Getting Motivated

One of the more subtle signs of depression is feeling like you just don’t want to do anything. Sometimes, you don’t even want to get out of bed. And while we all have days when we don’t feel like going to work or showing up for those plans that we made, if you’re feeling like that every day, for a long period of time, this can definitely be a red flag.

Cause for even more concern is when you are no longer interested in activities that used to bring you a lot of joy. If you consistently don’t feel like engaging in your favorite hobby or seeing your favorite people, it could be a sign of a depressive episode.

Talking to a therapist can help you identify if you’re depressed and help you figure out what you need to do to move through the depression.

3. Your Emotions Feel Out of Control

Everybody’s feelings get a little out of control sometimes, especially during really difficult situations. Flying off the handle at a loved one or having an ugly cry session you weren’t expecting isn’t the same as feeling like your emotions are out of control.

If you are consistently reacting to small things in a really big way and you feel like you don’t even recognize the way you’re acting, that’s when to seek help. A therapist can help you identify why these emotions feel so big and crazy, and they can give you some tips on how to bring those emotions back under control. 

4. You’re Drinking More Than You Used To

Lots of people have one too many when they’re going through something difficult. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you’ve struggled with addiction in the past. But if you’re having a few too many on a consistent basis, then you’re probably using alcohol to cope with feelings that you’d rather not address. 

If the number of times you’re drinking per week or the number of drinks you have in one day has increased recently, then it’s a good idea to reach out, even if you don’t think you have a substance abuse problem. Seeing a therapist will help you to identify if you’re using alcohol to cope with your problems. They can also help you work through the issues directly so you don’t feel like you need to escape via a bottle.

5. Your Loved Ones Are Worried About You

Sometimes it’s difficult for us to see how our lives and our behaviors change when we’re going through a difficult time. Often, our friends and families are the first ones to notice when we’re acting differently.

If you’re friends or family have started to ask if you’re okay on a regular basis, that’s definitely a sign that you might need some help. If you’re friends and family are concerned enough that they suggest you seek professional help, it’s definitely time to call a therapist.

Even if you think you’re coping okay, trust that your family and friends have your best interest at heart. 

Still Asking “Do I Need Therapy?”

The bottom line is if you feel like you’re having trouble dealing with life on a daily basis, therapy can be a very helpful tool. You don’t have to be going through something big in order to get a little more support. In fact, many people believe that everyone should see a therapist, just so they’re better equipped to do life on a daily basis. 

If any of these telltale signs are present in your life, then the answer to the question “do I need therapy?” is probably yes. Visit our site today to learn more about how our therapists can help you navigate the messiness of modern life. 

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