A part of you longs to build deeper relationships and feel more connected.

Trouble is, there’s also a guarded part of you that keeps you from truly getting close to others.

Maybe past relationships with partners, friends or parents have been a source of pain in your life.

Perhaps low self-confidence holds you back in the relationship department.  

Or maybe you can’t really put your finger on why you feel so isolated and lonely.

Whatever it is that’s keeping you from connecting, you’re not alone!   

“Alone Together” is a therapy group for adults seeking to enhance their capacity for human connection

Whether you’re grappling with loneliness during a period of singlehood or struggling to build meaningful connections outside of an intimate relationship, you’ll find understanding and support here.

This group is for you if you’re…

  • Anxious or unsure of yourself in social settings
  • Worried how others perceive you
  • Wondering why your friendships stay so “surface-level
  • Struggling to let your guard down even with those you trust
  • Stuck in patterns, like people-pleasing and self-judgment

This group will help you...

  • Identify your interpersonal barriers
  • Communicate emotions more effectively
  • Change patterns that alienate others
  • Feel more confident in social settings
  • Share your most authentic self with others
  • Build deeper, more satisfying relationships

Group Details

When: We currently have two groups running, one that meets on Mondays and another that meets on Tuesdays. Both groups meet from 6:30-8:00pm. And both have rolling admission.

Where: In person at Modern Era Counseling (4730 Park Rd, Ste A, Charlotte, NC 20820)

Facilitator: Matt Smith, LCMHC, LCASA, NCC

Cost: $40 per meeting when paid monthly; $50 per meeting when paid weekly


Alone Together is a private and comfortable space for you to receive support and understanding from others who are wrestling with similar life concerns. It’s also a space for you to actively work on the interpersonal barriers and patterns that hold you back from connecting more deeply with others. Sometimes we discuss topics like communication, intimacy, fear of judgment, vulnerability, and self-image. Other times, we spend our time discussing and processing what’s happening in the group. We also like to have fun and share some laughs along the way.         

Alone Together is an open-ended therapy group with no definite end date. Interested in joining us? Great, we’d love to have you! Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

In order to create a safe space, Alone Together is only open to individuals who are struggling in the interpersonal areas outlined above. If you have a friend who is also struggling to connect and build meaningful relationships with others, please have them complete a separate contact form and I will reach out to them separately.

Individual therapy is not a requirement for group participation. If you’re already attending individual therapy, Alone Together provides a space for you to build upon and further your individual work.

I understand that life happens and last-minute things come up from time to time. If you’re unable to attend a group meeting, I simply ask that you provide me with as much notice as possible. For the sake of group cohesion, I also ask that you make regular group attendance a priority. Chances are, once you meet the rest of the group and get a feel for how we do things, you won’t want to miss a meeting!   

Interested In Joining Us?

Great! Shoot me an email using the secure contact form below. I’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours to answer any questions you may have about the group.
Submitting this form does not automatically enroll you in the group.

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