How We Help

Stress & Anxiety

Maybe it’s a situational nervousness that’s started to surface around friends and colleagues. Or maybe you’re feeling fearful and on edge almost all the time. In therapy, we help you get to the bottom of your anxiety and give you tools to fight back.

Grief & Loss

Grief can feel like an emotional roller coaster you never wanted to ride. Life feels lonely, hopeless, and confusing. But you don’t have to bury your feelings. In grief counseling, we help you heal by building your tolerance for experiencing the pain of grief.

Loneliness & Depression

Lately, the only thing you look forward to is sleep. You’re withdrawing from friends and family, and overwhelmed by feelings of low self-worth and sadness. In depression therapy, we help you dig into what’s underneath your depression and kick the funk for good.

LGBTQ+ Concerns

Whether you’re already out, contemplating taking that step, or just looking for a safe space to explore important questions of identity, we're committed to helping you discover, embrace and become your most authentic self.


Sometimes even the smallest amount of stress is all it takes for that intense feeling of helplessness to hijack your mind and body. As trauma specialists, we help you go from feeling out-of-control and exhausted to calm and more alive.

Insecurity & Self-esteem

You just can't seem to trust that someone could possibly feel the same level of love and commitment toward you that you feel toward them. With the right support, you can overcome insecurity and feel more confident around love and intimacy.

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