Counseling for
LGBTQ Concerns

Being gay in a straight world is hard enough...

You shouldn’t have to worry whether the person you’re turning to for help will be a source of support or one of judgment.

At Modern Era, we want you to know that, as a gay-friendly therapists, we are committed to helping you discover, embrace and become your most authentic self.

You're in the right place if...

  • A part of you dreams of coming out and living a freer, more authentic life, while another part of you remains deeply frightened by the thought of rejection.
  • You can recall feelings of same-sex attraction as far back as grade school, but after years of hiding these feelings from others, you’re convinced you’ll never find the courage to come out.
  • You’ve been out for some time now, but feelings of guilt and shame persist, keeping you from getting close to or establishing intimacy with partners.
  • You’ve married, had kids, and lived a straight life for years; now a part of you is considering coming out, while another part of you fears hurting or even losing the ones you love most.
  • You’re just not sure and would like to talk to someone without fear of judgment.

How does LGBT therapy help?

Whether you’re already out, contemplating taking that step, or have no intention of coming out at all, LGBT therapy can help. Sometimes just having someone who you can trust to listen to your story without judgment or trying to steer you in a certain direction can make a world of difference.   

In LGBT therapy we can help you with...

  • Navigating important questions of identity
  • Gaining perspective as you wrestle with big life decisions
  • Replacing feelings of shame with self-acceptance  
  • Exploring and identifying sources of inner conflict
  • Developing a coherent life narrative that fully integrates every part of who you are  

Wherever you’re at in the coming out process, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact Modern Era Counseling in Charlotte, NC and get the support you deserve! 

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