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You’ve tried to push down painful experiences from your past for years now, but they just keep rising to the surface.

You may feel powerless – like the part of you that feels hurt, worried, guilty, or ashamed is in control. 

The exhaustion from it all is overwhelming. 

And you recognize that it’s taking a toll on your wellbeing and impacting the relationships you care about most. 

But you don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, change is possible. I am here to sit alongside and support you as you face this new experience head on, at your own pace. You are resilient and worthy of healing.

Jenna Brunner - Licensed Counselor at Modern Era Counseling in Charlotte, NC

Hi, I'm Jenna.

I’m an empowering therapist who helps adults and teens process trauma and loss, manage feelings of guilt and shame, increase self-compassion, and explore their identity.

If you're here because...

  • You’re tired of reliving painful memories from your past  
  • Self-doubt and self-judgment impede your ability to develop meaningful connections or pursue major life changes
  • You feel depleted from operating in a constant state of worry and overthinking
  • Guilt or shame about part of your identity keeps you from being your authentic self around others
  • You feel unsafe in your relationships

I can help you...

  • Safely process trauma, grief, or loss at your own pace
  • Root out negative self-beliefs with curiosity and compassion
  • Develop strategies to access inner calm 
  • Explore your identity safely and without judgement
  • Develop personal safety strategies, learn how to identify abuse in a relationship, and connect with local support systems and advocates

Why I became a counselor

After witnessing the effects of mental illness within my community, as well as the lack of resources and supports in place to adequately address this crisis, I decided to dedicate my career to help fill this gap in care. My hope is that, through my work and advocacy, I can increase mental health care accessibility and reduce stigma around mental illness. To me, seeking help indicates courage, resilience, and self-awareness. I believe I am lucky to have the opportunity to sit with such admirable individuals on a daily basis. 

Jenna Brunner - Licensed Counselor at Modern Era Counseling in Charlotte, NC

Areas of expertise:

Trauma & PTSD



Identity Exploration

LGBTQ+ Concerns

Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence

Sexual Abuse


Teen Counseling


Types of therapy:

Individual Therapy


Internal Family Systems (IFS)


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)



What's it like to work with me?

Even in the therapy room, you are the expert on yourself. Your experiences, your relationships, and the communities and environments you are a part of, whether the choice was given to you or not, intersect in ways that only you can understand. I honor that. I view us as partners, or “fellow travelers.” My role is to walk alongside you and help carry the weight as your load gets heavy. I will share insights or observations through the healing process, but you will lead the way.

I will do my best to always create a safe, encouraging, and validating space to talk about hard things. I will also communicate directly and gently challenge you when appropriate, as I believe openness and authenticity are key to a healthy partnership.

Additionally, I don’t believe there is a single, straightforward treatment approach that is effective for everyone. We will collaborate to develop an individualized care plan that makes the most sense for you. I will honor and respect your values, beliefs, and preferences. Further, I will do the work to understand you, the various identities you hold, and how they intersect in your life.

Off the clock

In my free time, you can usually find me playing trivia, thrift shopping, “competing” in intramural sports (currently volleyball) or attempting a new DIY project.

When we work together, I hope that you will find therapy to be a healing and welcoming place where real growth happens. I hope you feel at ease to release some of the pain and uncertainty you’ve been sitting with.

Not sure if I’m the right therapist for you? You can request a free 15-minute phone consultation where we can get to know each other a bit better and see if we might be a good fit.

Ready to take the next step? Click on “get started now” to schedule an appointment with me. I am excited to support you on this journey!

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