You're struggling in the relationship department, but you don't exactly know why.

You see your peers forming deep, meaningful connections with friends and significant others, but your relationships always seem to follow a different path…

Short-lived. Surface-level. And most of all, stressful.

What gives?

You just know that you’re tired of feeling disconnected from yourself and the people around you.

You want to feel more authentic and confident in all your relationships, especially the romantic ones.

Trouble is, each time you try to change things, it just feels like you’re hitting a wall or setting yourself up for further pain and disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Renee Marcoux offers Individual and Couples Counseling in Charlotte, NC

Hi, I'm Renee.

I’m a relationship-focused therapist who helps overwhelmed individuals and couples feel more confident and alive in their relationships.

If you're here because...

  • You can’t seem to shake the feeling that you’re not enough  
  • The thought of being vulnerable with others terrifies you  
  • You never seem to feel “safe” in your identity outside of a relationship
  • Past trauma prevents you from letting your guard down with others
  • You need help navigating a rough patch in your relationship
  • You and your partner want to strengthen your foundation before tying the knot

I can help you...

  • Root out negative self-beliefs and build lasting self-esteem
  • Break down defenses that are creating a barrier between you and your emotional brain
  • Discover and accept your core self (essential for intimacy)
  • Dampen the power of traumatic experiences and feel more in control
  • Communicate more effectively with your partner
  • Guide you through pre-marital counseling and build a solid foundation for a rewarding marriage

What's it like to work with me?

I’m a therapist who believes in walking alongside people and holding hope for better days to come. Throughout our work together, I want you to feel heard and safe. I understand how vulnerable this work can be, so we’ll move at a pace that works for you. Along the way, I’ll gently nudge you toward your goals, ask you curious questions to get you thinking outside the box, and challenge you to give yourself what you need (especially when I see you sell yourself short). Many of us have thick defenses that block us from being compassionate toward ourselves and our relationships, so it’s my aim to help you push past your personal barriers.

During our sessions, you get to be yourself. It’s important to me that you feel safe and comfortable, so I’ll encourage you to use the language you normally use. You might also choose, as many of my clients do, to take your shoes off, grab a fidget toy, sit on the floor, or lay on the couch.  

Experience has taught me that therapy is most effective when the work continues outside the therapy room, so I’ll work with you to develop homework assignments that support your personal goals. Together, we’ll map out actionable steps that feel both realistic and appropriately challenging. Small steps lead to meaningful change.

Giving my clients a safe, non-judgmental space is my “why” for this work. I know how common it is for people to enter therapy feeling fearful of judgement. It’s a fear that’s only reinforced by stigmatizing portrayals of therapy in the media. With me, therapy is always judgment-free. Always.  

With couples, I avoid one-size-fits-all approaches. I know that each stage of a relationship requires its own set of tools and comes with unique challenges, so I always tailor my approach to your specific situation. Whether you and your partner are contemplating marriage, exploring moving in together, preparing for children, or wrestling with how to handle finances in your relationship, you’ll receive a personalized therapy experience with me guiding the way. For some couples, the work may focus on more effective communication. For others, we may spend our time unlearning competitive patterns that are keeping the two of you from leaning into the love you both know is there.

Off the clock

Outside of the office, you can find me paddle boarding on the lake, reading in my hammock, hiking with my rescue pup, Buttercup, and finding some good live music to relax to in town!

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from yourself and the most important people in your life? Let’s change that, together! 

Call Modern Era Counseling at 704-800-4436 or click the button below to schedule your first appointment today.

Areas of expertise:

Couples counseling


Job Stress

Pre-marital counseling




Relationship issues (with individuals)

Trauma & PTSD

Single-incident trauma (car accident, school shooting, etc.)

Types of therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Attachment-Based Therapy

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Accepted insurance:

Renee will soon be in-network with BCBS. At this time, Renee is able to accept self-pay and out-of-network options.

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