You’re struggling to feel like yourself, and you know that something’s off.

Maybe there are strong stressors or emotions that you feel like you have no power over.

Or perhaps you’re searching for meaning and purpose in a world that can be incredibly draining.

All of these can cause life to feel overwhelming and make getting out of bed with excitement seem next to impossible. 

However, you can feel more sure of yourself, cultivate more self-kindness, and find energy in your authenticity. 

Rob Fisher - Licensed Counselor at Modern Era Counseling in Charlotte, NC

Hi, I'm Rob.

I help adults and teens pinpoint the sources of their concerns and develop pragmatic ways to overcome challenges.

If you're here because...

  • You’re feeling lost and overwhelmed
  • You’re struggling with relationships
  • You’ve experienced trauma
  • You feel as if you’re losing control over parts of your life
  • You are having trouble finding joy in the day-to-day

I can help you...

  • Develop new coping skills for anxiety and depression
  • Readjust your self-concept and self-beliefs
  • Translate new beliefs into action
  • Set boundaries with challenging relationships
  • Be kind to yourself – through honesty, self-knowledge, and empowerment
Rob Fisher - Licensed Counselor at Modern Era Counseling in Charlotte, NC

Why I became a counselor

I became a counselor not only because it is so gratifying to see positive change happen with those I work with, but because it’s an honor to hear the personal stories of people from all walks of life. Seeing that authenticity shine through reminds me how universal the human experience is. This continually shapes the way I view the counseling process and informs my clinical orientation. 

What's it like to work with me?

I take a collaborative approach to the therapy process and focus on the relational aspects of this counseling dynamic. I may be described as taking a primarily person-centered, or humanistic, approach as a therapist. However, I tend to integrate a few different paradigms like existential and psychodynamic theories. More importantly, I want to view you as the whole person that you are: someone with past experiences, a present life, and a future that you can look forward to. 

In sessions, I am rather active and want to fully understand what your concerns are. I will ask questions that give you the opportunity to be open, because at the core I want you to be comfortable being honest and truthful. I strive to create that space – one that completely allows you to bring your challenges to the forefront so we can help tackle them together. Once we identify some of the presenting issues, we can set goals that you would like to achieve and a plan that enables you to achieve them. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and I strive to help create an environment that allows for and encourages your unique individuality. 

I tend to bring humor, empathy, and openness to my sessions, and view the therapy room as a space for exploration, creativity, and idea generation. I want you to be able to experience the full palette of your unique human experience, and that includes the full range of human emotion. 

I want you to feel supported at all times during our sessions, and my hope is that this support helps to enable your own growth as you move forward into the next chapters of your life.

Off the clock

Off the clock, I like to spend my time golfing, running, writing, and playing piano.

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Areas of expertise:



Trauma & PTSD

Men’s Issues

Stress Management


Relationship Issues

Career Challenges

Substance Use

Types of therapy:






Trauma Focused

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