Teen Counseling in Charlotte, NC

We help teens develop the tools they need to feel more calm, balanced, and self-confident in all areas of their lives.

Are you struggling to support your teen?

We get it. It’s hard to see your son or daughter going through such a difficult time.

We know you want to be there for them more than anything.  

Problem is, sometimes the more you try to help, the worse things seem to get and the more your teen retreats and shuts you out.

You just can’t understand how the kid who always used to be so calm and easygoing is suddenly so stressed and anxious. Lately, even the small things that never used to faze your son or daughter are enough to push your teen over the proverbial edge.

The edge looks different for different teens. For some, it looks like daily arguments with their parents and excessive risk taking. For others, it looks like withdrawing from friends and family, falling behind at school, and avoiding activities they once enjoyed.

What can you do?

Parenting a teenager is hard, challenging work.

Your teen is under immense pressure, and this makes everything more difficult—for them and for you.

Many times, the troubling, sudden changes we see in our teens are the result of chronic stress. Fatigue, trouble concentrating, low motivation, isolation from others, defiance and low self-esteem are often tell-tale signs that a young person’s stress has spiraled into anxiety or depression.   

This is not uncommon. The teenage brain is wired for fear and anxiety. It’s also underdeveloped when it comes to emotional regulation. For many teens, this can make adolescence feel like an emotional roller coaster. It’s also why you, as a parent, live in constant fear that your teen is spiraling out of control.  

But we want you to know that there’s hope.

What is existential anxiety?

Some of the specific ways we help teens include:

  • Learning to manage difficult emotions, like stress, anger and anxiety
  • Communicating more effectively at home
  • Building deeper connections with friends and family
  • Feeling more relaxed and self-confident
  • Settting meaningful life goals
  • Becoming more self-driven and motivated
  • Reaching their full potential

What’s different about teen counseling at Modern Era?

As teen counselors, we know how to connect with young people. Our teen clients appreciate that we’re not old-and-stuffy or cold and detached. We take an active, engaged approach to working with teenagers. Plus, we know how to laugh at ourselves and how to “speak teen” without being fake or pretending to sound cool.

We also take teens seriously, and we know a lot about what today’s teens are dealing with. Because we work with so many teens in therapy, we’re able to stay up to date on the challenges young people are facing today, including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • school-related stress
  • bullying
  • fighting with family
  • preparing for college
  • substance use
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • dating
  • and lots of other challenges

Teens talk to us because they know we take these and other struggles they’re facing seriously.     

Teen counseling & Family therapy

Teen counseling can also serve as a helpful stepping stone to family therapy. When appropriate, we encourage parents and other family members to get involved in the teen counseling process. Combined with individual teen counseling, family therapy can help teens and their families resolve conflict and problem-solve areas of stress or disagreement at home.

The teenage years can bring real challenges, both for teens and their families. But with the right help, teens and families can overcome the challenges that hold them back. 

Contact Modern Era Counseling today to get the help both you and your teen deserve.     

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