Modern counseling
for modern life

Charlotte, NC

Modern counseling
for modern life

Charlotte, NC

We are currently offering phone or video sessions. This is a stressful, uncertain time, and we’re here to help.

We help anxious, overwhelmed adults feel more calm, confident and connected.

Welcome to Modern Era Counseling! We’re a team of skilled, down-to-earth, judgment-free therapists in Charlotte, NC with a passion for helping people navigate the messy landscape of modern life with authenticity and purpose. 

We work with Charlotte’s banker, teacher, freelancer, attorney, doctor, student, artist, contractor, searcher, techy, barista, consultant, engineer and general “I want more out of life”-er.

Basically, people like yourself who are killing it in their professional lives but still feel stuck, unfulfilled or not enough.

What others are saying

You’re in the right place if you’re…

  • Still asking questions you were “supposed” to have answered a long time ago, questions like: Who am I? and What’s my purpose?
  • Craving a deeper, more satisfying love life but fearful of letting down your guard and the possibility of rejection
  • Tired of that critical voice inside that’s constantly telling you, You’ll never measure up to your high-achieving peers
  • Feeling bored and unfulfilled in your current career but secretly terrified by the thought of “starting over”
  • Interested in alternatives to old behaviors that are no longer working—and may even be making matters worse

People, not problems.
Life, not labels.

What makes Modern Era different from other Charlotte counseling practices?

At Modern Era, we don’t take a pathological view of people. In other words, we don’t see you as “sick” or “disordered,” or reduce you to some generic label. Instead, we strive to normalize the challenges that come with being human in the modern world. In practice, this means diagnosis is completely optional at Modern Era. With us, your confidentiality is never in question, and you never have to worry about being placed in some clinical box.


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Modern Era Counseling in Charlotte NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you meeting in person at the moment?

Due to COVID, we are holding all therapy sessions online via our secure telehealth platform until further notice. 

Where are you located?

Modern Era Counseling is located in the SouthPark area, at the intersection of Park and Selwyn. Our address is 5200 Park Rd Suite 218-D1.

How long does therapy last?

In most cases, our clients choose to meet at a frequency of once per week until they’ve started reaching their goals, at which time we begin to taper our sessions to bi-weekly and then monthly for a brief period. Most of our clients are able to see progress within a few short months.

Do you take insurance?

Yes! Modern Era is in network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Additionally, many of our clients receive up to 80% reimbursement for therapy sessions using a range of different health care benefits and coverage options. See our Fees page for further information.

Do you offer evening appointments?

Yes, we offer evening appointments as late as 7:30 PM. Our evening slots tend to fill up quick, so if you have any flexibility in your schedule, we can usually fit you in much sooner. 

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